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A website is a very important asset for every business. In fact, internet is the most powerful platform that enables businesses to meet their goals and objectives and also beat their competitors. But to make your site more visible on Google and also boost your site’s conversion rate, you need to hire the right SEO experts to optimize your website. If optimizing and ranking your website has turned to be almost impossible, or you have spent a lot of time looking for the right company to get the job done without significant results, our team can work on your website and guarantee proven results within a short time.

Our company is built on very skilled and experienced professionals that guarantee results and make sure you continue to drive clients to your website.WE offer a full suite of services encompassing everything you will need to implement a success online revue system. Our main goal is to help small and large businesses to get more leads and make more profit from their site but also put into place crucial systems that will give you an edge over your competitors. We are the leader in the industry and we have proven tactics that have ranked all our clients on the first page. To leverage the best out of your internet marketing, your site should only accept page one results. Our technicians will work to get your site ranking  and also make it more navigable. Some of the services we offers are;Santa Monica California

Keyword analysis

Our technicians will analyze the most searched keywords to determine the best keyword and key phrases for your business. The keywords that you use are very important. Depending on the niche you are operating, our technicians will make a thorough analysis and advice you on the best keywords to use.

Authority building

Authority building is a very important step that will boost your site ranking in the SERP’s, its the foundation for all search engine optimization. Finding the right links from the respected websites is the best strategy you can take to move your site up on the search engines. We have been optimizing sites for years and we have built wide network of reputable links. We will build a custom link plan that will optimize your site until you get on the first page of search engines. All our link building are customized to meet the unique needs of our clients and is uniquely built out.

Improve site appearance and make it more navigable

A responsive and appealing website is an intuitive feature that can attract more customers. With the tough online competition, you need to stand out of your competitors. Surfers tend to stay on a website that is navigable. We will inspect your website and look for the reason it is not navigable. We can also restructure your website and make it more navigable and more friendly to search engine and surfers.

Boost the conversion rate

Our team will work to improve your website’s conversion rate. We have proven techniques that will immensely increase the leads converted from your site.

Content writing analysis

What you post on your website has a direct bearing on your visitors. Our SEO experts can analyze the content on your website and advice on the best content to post.

Social media marketing

We employ social campaigns and optimize your accounts for not only ease of use but also search engine optimization. Setting all these properties can be tiresome, time-consuming and also quite expensive. We can help your business goals and objectives through our social media management services that include;

Regular posts on social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, blog and any other social site and also answer any question on the behalf of your company.

We can also monitor your online business reputation and post-marketing videos among many other social media management services that we offer.

Continuous support

We are always available and we will help you to beat the competition.

Other reports and services:

Ranking reports

Review and implementation of Google Webmaster tool.

Free website consultation and estimate – this includes a competitor analysis

Simply put we are the authority for SEO Santa Monica and can take your website on the first page, dominating the competition.