Digital Marketing Consulting

​From Facebook ads to organic seo, they all have there own misunderstood formulas for success. If you tried any digital marketing yourself then I’m sure you hit the same dead end road that I did at one time.

I found out the problem wasn’t that I was researching the wrong things or typing in the wrong queries like “how do I rank my website?”…

It’s that I was looking for a simple answer, a precise strategy that could get me the results I wanted consistently without thinking twice. It wasn’t until I was in the digital marketing game for years that I realized there just isn’t a clear and concise answer you can give someone. 

I relate it back to my years as a coach, everyone is so unique that there is no set outline you can give without sacrificing results.

The same goes for websites, I can’t sit here and tell you that if you do these ten things then you’ll be good to go. The fact is that even if I did it with the best intentions then I know that some people would be negatively effected.

How I Can Help

I think consulting is one of the best ways to frame what I do because the most important part of my job is getting you on the same page in terms of what is going to make your website/facebook/etc. successful. 

Once we are on the same page as far as vision then it comes down to defining a budget and building a time line for success.

I love the fact that I get the opportunity to take someone from relative obscurity and take them to the top.

So start by asking yourself some questions, am I just looking to see what digital marketing really is? Trying to find out if what I’m currently doing is actually working? or even who can help me?

All these are critical to understanding the purpose of jumping on a call together. Once you know exactly what you are looking for then I can tell you what I can do to help.

What Does A Digital Marketing Consultant Do?

Before I get into any crazy stories of the things people wanted me to do for them let’s just understand the basics.

In terms of design work it could be anything from:

  • Web Design
  • Logo Creation
  • Facebook ad Curation 

SEO has a ton that falls under what it includes but let me open up your mind to whats possible:

  • Website rankings
  • Amazon
  • Social/Company Profile Ranking

One of my favorite which some seo company’s shy away from is paid ads but it’s a great way to start off a campaign in my opinion:

  • Adwords
  • Facebook Ads (shopify, amazon products, service page)

Let’s not forget email marketing, this is one of my favorite because it let’s you give a little personality into what you do.


Consulting Form

This is the easiest way for me to understand EXACTLY what you’re looking to do.

The reason I like doing it this was is so I can dig into your site before we ever hop on the phone.

My goals more than having you on as a client is to give you valuable information and by doing research on your company and what you’re trying to create then I can give you concrete answers instead of approximations.  


Discovery Call

Within 24 hours you’ll receive a follow-up call from me. I make sure to connect with everyone personally because it matters to me.

This will be a quick 10min phone call to hash out any additional details we need and to give some insight based upon what we found.

From there we will develop a proposal that works for us both and then start down the path to success!

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