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How a marketing company uses search to transform businesses in AZ.

When you are taking a look at one of the biggest things that pop out at you is the sheer size, over 1.5mil people and growing! This is an incredible opportunity for any business owner to create new customers and or generate sales, but it also comes with challenges as well.

For instance, the fact that you have a seemingly unlimited source of local customers means you also have a constant flow of competition from established and new business owners. One of the key elements of our company is the time we take to educating our clients. Without boring them with specifics of how we consistently rank our customers on the first page of Google, we go over the importance of branding them in their particular niche. That alone will separate them from the competition.

The year of growth for local search

Let me give you an example of why this is such a profitable market, If you Google a fairly specific term like “Plastic Surgeon” you are delivered over 873,000 results of other entities trying to rank for that keyword and it’s constantly growing! That’s because that search on average gets 20 highly targeted searches a month. With converting that to even 1 sale that could equate to upwards of a 10,000 dollar payday.

This is why Arizona SEM is such a profitable investment. When you put yourself in front of a constant flow of leads, your business you will have no choice but to be profitable.

We look at ourselves more as a marketing company that delivers far more than any chief of marketing you could put on staff. When you can lead that pack in for any keyword that you want that relates to your niche then the possibilities are endless. I know it sounds too perfect to be possible, but that is what makes us different, we can and will. We know exactly what it takes to get your site to the top, that’s why we are the experts in search engine optimization.

We only team up with companies or organizations who are dedicated to improving the quality of their service, enhancing their customer relationships and growing their brand. If you fall into this department then we want to put you on the top of the every search engine.

Ready to own the search engine’s for your niche?

I’m always excited and willing to answer any specific questions you have for me so feel free to reach out to me by either form of contact located below. Also, if you are interested in seeing what our services could do for you “like get your website ranked on the first page of Google”. No, seriously sitting right there at the top. Then click the Discovery link at the top of the page and that will take you to our client discovery form which will let us dive into your competition and see what it would take to get you to the top! We don’t just rank you, we dominate the internet!

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