Social Network Services

Ways to leverage social sites to build a brand

I think our social media marketing services are an incredibly valuable for our clients, we leverage the power of social media and tie it into our SEO gameplan. We when talk about Social Media Marketing we are talking in terms of SEO, we are not here to post about your business no matter how great it is. What we do is develop you as a brand and create a community of social proof that solidifies it. An online social presence brings life to your business and speaks to how relevant you are today.

Here several different platforms and how we best utilize a social media marketing strategy them for our clients:

Facebook Business page: This is often used by customers to see the “personality” of the business you are running. If presented correctly it can bridge the gap and generate sales.

Google+ Plus: Not only does this act similarly to what Facebook does in terms of how you are viewed in the eyes of customers, but it also plays one of the most important roles in local search. Google uses your sites business page to judge how accurate your information is and where to place you locally (Google Maps).

Youtube: This in my opinion is one of the strongest tools an online business can have. It’s an instant way to have a client like and trust you before they have personally interacted with you. This will also change the dynamics of the relationship and puts you in an authority position.

The social proof that gives you credibility

There are several other platforms we use to brand our clients as authorities in their niche, but this should give you a good understanding of why this is so powerful. Find out what makes us stand out from the rest of the social media marketing companies. It doesn’t matter what platform you choose to express your company vision on, the most important things is that you have a social presence, period! We leverage this for our clients not only for the visibility and trust factor, but it should be implemented in every SEO strategy.

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