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How the design of your website can impact your business

Website design plays a critical role in the SEO process it’s the foundation for any campaign. This is something that cannon be overlooked, a client can’t simply come to us and say “rank this page”. Everything “on page”, as well as how the entire site is structured is just as important as everything we do “off page”. In most cases, we will design and optimize a completely new site that it is fully equipped to dominate the SERPs.

There are two basic principles we look at when analyzing a client’s site or curating one, Optimization and Conversion.

The balance between user interface experience and SEO best practices


In our website design company we implement an extensive “on page” system that every website we rank must have, this alone will set you apart from the competition who focuses purely on ranking for a single term (ex: Phoenix Plastic Surgeon). We optimized each page for every LSI term (Latent Semantic Indexing) as well as any supporting keywords that would lead potential customers to your site. Another important aspect is how Google or any other search engine views your site, to give you a little insight into this you need to know that Google never actually sees the front end of your website. Google has a web crawling robot that it has deemed Googlebot which crawls sites and indexes them appropriately.  It’s very important to make sure that your site is not only crawlable, but that Googlebot finds all the information that is important to your site. We know exactly what to look for and how to format your site for a perfect read.


When analyzing how to create a site that converts at a high rate you want to make sure you balance the key functions with the aesthetics of the site. You need to have a functional setup that allows anyone to easily contact you, find out where you are located or contact you with any questions. Our web design company personally feel that any customer shouldn’t be more than one click away from being able to call so this means having a highly visible and mobile friendly number displayed. How your site is displayed will also convey trust, if you have a well laid out site that gives your customer the “velvet rope” treatment then you increase the amount of time a customer spends on your site which equates to more sales. We focus our attention on creating informative and interactive content so that your client already has a sense of trust before they ever contact you.

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